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 Rae Grulkowski

Cascade County Commissioner

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Hello Cascade County!


I am your newest County Commissioner, Rae Grulkowski.  My husband and I own and operate our family business, Carp’s Drain Cleaning, Inc., we have residential rentals in Great Falls, and we live on our rural acreage in the Stockett area.


In 2022, I was a first-time candidate, passionate to bring more transparency to our County government by including our citizens.  I thank you for your votes in November 2022, which made that campaign a success!  Having now been “inside” our County government, I confirm to you this government needs you!  It remains critical that your Board of County Commissioners practice all of their deliberations with transparency and accountability to the citizenry.  Where it is the will of my constituents, I will continue to speak out in controversy.


As my brief term winds down, I will continue to convey decorum and process to our Commission Office, something desperately lacking.  As the Chair, I was able to do this for our Commissioner meetings by enforcing rules of order and providing graceful leadership.  This was a necessity with the highly publicized meetings regarding the county elections office and the vote of Resolution 23-62.  In the midst of criticism and chaos, my unwavering stature was present.


Being a self-starter has been an immeasurable asset during my term of service.  Knowing how to access information, how to use resources and the willingness to share information encourages collaboration throughout County offices. 


My priorities for Cascade County include a vast, bulleted list of changes and goals, mostly to the internal culture of your County government.  Many of those include enforcing currently established policy and eliminating favoritism.  However, as a board of three members, progress continues to be hindered by a vote of 2 to 1 and the poor habits of silencing your representation. 


My persistence in keeping topics alive is uncomfortable to some but it does pay off in terms of accomplishing goals.  I do not agree with the saying, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”.  From challenges of the Base Sentinel Project Upgrade, to fiscal decisions that always impact our taxes, the best solutions for our County will be determined by first working through communication and informational exchange barriers.  Open minds and closed doors to criticism will enable our Board of County Commissioners making sound decisions for our future – no matter what the topic is.


My dedication is to our County as a whole.  Afterall, I too, am a resident and a taxpayer here.  This dedication involves considering all towns, cities and communities in our County.  From the Dearborn, to Niehart and all points in between, I visit and mingle with my constituents, to learn how I am to represent them.  This is “bottom-up” leadership, making a stronger County government.  And, as a public servant, not a politician, I bring the citizens voice to the table.  By viewing my constituents as my “boss”, it simplifies decision-making.  There is freedom in your speech Cascade County – let’s hear from you more!


Look, listen and participate in our Commissioner meetings posted here! 

Proud to serve you – Commissioner Rae Grulkowski

“I do solemnly swear that I will support, protect and defend the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the State of Montana and that I will discharge the duties of my office with fidelity, so help me God.”

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