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Image by Anthony Garand

Constitutional Principles


It is important that society today recognize and honor the covenants established by God and our Founding Fathers. These covenants obligated individuals to be accountable to a productive, unified society. Rewards for those not contributing and not abiding to laws did not exist. A fair and honest society is comprised of diligent community members. Adhering to both our federal and state constitutions, we move closer to independent, local governments and move away from our courts. 


The past four years have heightened awareness of infringement upon our God-given rights and an urgency to defend them. Citizens know that the absence of inalienable rights leads to Socialism. Let’s always remember the failed experiment “by good and honest men” where private property and personal profits did not exist. After 7 years of this experiment, in the early 1600’s, the Governor of the Plymouth Colony, William Bradford, made it clear the failure was not in the People, but in the system.


The ability to create personal wealth is freedom; not the wealth itself.


I support our Bill of Rights and give credence to our First and Second Amendments, as we see them increasingly challenged in our nation.  After 248 years, America still claims our Declaration of Independence and maintains an active Constitution.  Practicing the virtues established in these well thought-out documents will continue allowing them to anchor individual rights and freedoms. 

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