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Image by jesse orrico


Remaining active in our church, my husband and I also attend bible studies with cherished friends in our community. Faith has always been a strong factor in my life.  Without doubt, when you think no one is watching - there is. It’s often termed “conscience”. We know it is God.  And thankfully, God is Good. 


I keep a magnet on my fridge that reads, “What this county needs is cleaner minds and dirtier hands.” These are the days when giving gifts holds suspicion and helping strangers and children holds liability. Our community is and always should, remain free to practice random acts of kindness. 


With an influx of out-of-state relocations, we won’t always know who our neighbors are, but we will always find wisdom and courage by practicing values found in the bible. I encourage you and your children to practice faith in God.  He is ever-present, He has ALL the answers.

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